Disclaimer regarding copyrights

All material on this site is intended for your personal use and as educational aid, regarding other use see below:

1.      The rights of the owners of the recorded material.

1.1     The rights to the recordings made by me are owned by me, those  made by The Goldfingers are owned by The Goldfingers, as recording artists.

 1.1.1   Backings may be used in any way, provided that the originators (Göran Tångring or The Goldfingers) are mentioned in the case of public appearances including live broadcasts or broadcasts of a recorded live performance, commercial or not. In the case of making commercial recordings the originators must be contacted beforehand.

The process of downloading the renditions is not to be considered a broadcast as you cannot get streaming audio. 

 1.1.2   Renditions may be used the same way, provided that conditions under  2.2  and 1.1.1 is met

 2       Composers rights.

 2.1     Backings are not musical pieces by themselves and they can be used to play any melody and/or improvisation over. Drum patterns, chord patterns and basslines can not be "copyrighted" and therefore no composers rights are involved.

 2.2     When using a backing to play a melody over (typically a Shadows tune), you perform a musical piece and the composers rights has to be taken into account  when performing in public or public broadcasting. In Sweden it is the management of the venue or the broadcast organisation that is reponsible for this (not the performing artist), this may be otherwise in other countries.

 2.3     Obviously 2.2 also goes for using the renditions for public playing or broadcasting