Currently 172 backings available (2006-09-26)

What's New?

2008-01-10: The Sound of Silence backing + rendition uploaded courtesy of Didier Frechet (normally I don't put up other peoples material but this is an exception)

2008-01-15: By request Quartermassters Stores solo tab

2008-03-16: Don't cry for me Argentina backing in original key (D) added

2008-04-01: Dean's Theme, Walkin' and Maria Elena tabs uploaded thanks to Lou Galina

2008-08-20: New backing for Perfidia

2009-03-18 New page with Brian Holdens modification of Geoff Strachans 508-patches (Courtesy of Geoff) Here


2005-08-09: Over 127 tabs available and over 122 chord charts.

If you go directly to


you will find chords/tabs for many songs not featured in the backings section (yet)


Disclamier: Only when my name is in the tab/chords file can I vouch for the tabs/chords being correct as I play them, (55 so far)! I will go through the others and correct them if necessary, given time!