General info:


New material will be added continuously

Expected bandwidth out from server: 80 Mbps

I would like you to notify me if you discover mistakes as well as if there should be changes in the mix, tempo or

if there should be more or less reverb on certain instruments, for constant bettering of the backings!


All tracks are derived from midi files which have been converted into sound files with high-tech professional studio gear.

However, most rhythm-guitar tracks are real guitar.


Many of the files are sequenced by ChartChai MeeSangNin, a retired doctor of medicine living in Thailand.

The rest are sequenced by yours truly.


All backing mp3’s are in 128 kbps quality suitable for expanding to .wav and burning to CD. However, a wavefile expanded

from 128 kbps mp3 is usually not recommended to convert to mp3 a second time, it may sound good, but then again, it may not. 



You are free to use the backings any way you like, including use on stage during commercial appearances, unless making commercial recordings or

making backing CD:s for commercial purposes (unlikely as it is), in which case the original sequencer and/or myself should be contacted and credited.

See Disclaimer page for more info!

Download chord/tabs by right-clicking and choose “save target as”

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